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All personal information and correspondence that is received from you will be kept confidential and not be disclosed or shared with anothers including your Name, Address, Phone Numbers, Emails, only at the at the meeting with the manufactures you will require ID for the sole purpose of the sale.

Legal Obligations

Legal Obligations may very from each state or territory in Australia, however it is legally required when ordered by a court of law to disclose all records, as records can be subpoenaed by a court of law.

Website Disclosure Statement

We do collect statistical information including but not limited to

Moreover we keep logs of all requested pages made by clients meaning you or rather your Agent: (Browser), as this is typical of most servers.

We set cookies for identification and/or session logins.

Client information meaning you the user is not shared or disclosed with anyone, unless legally required to do so, it is simply used for security and to improve the sites performance.

Kingdom Caravans
Vancruis Caravans
Opal Caravans
Retreat Caravans
Olympic Caravans
Suncoast Caravans
Atlantic Caravans
Royal Flair Caravans

We don't necessarily represent the caravan manufactures above!

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