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Our Terms Of Service (TOS) and Terms & Condition


I will introduce you to two (2) manufacturers and cut out the middle man for a fee of $250.00 which will be refunded when the purchase is finalised, meaning when you take possession of the caravan.

This fee will be refunded from the final price.


Should you the client not go ahead with a caravan purchase the fee shall in no circumstance be refunded. Furthermore, if you the client have not committed to a purchase within two weeks of meeting, the fee will NOT be returned.


You understand that you are required to be available at a convenient time arranged by the manufacturers. Failure to do so is not our responsibility and any costs or fee will NOT be returned. Appointment cancellations will not be refunded, as appointments slots are limited.

Please ensure your schedule allows up to a whole day to discuss your needs.

The meeting place with the manufacturers shall be in Campbellfield Victoria 3061 and or surrounding suburbs.


You will discuss your requirements of a caravan and have the manufacturer custom-build the caravan at an agreed price, by you and the manufacture, failing to come to an agreement and not entering into a sale, the fee will NOT be returned.


All warranties, such as a manufacturing defect are between you the buyer and the manufacturer, as Caravan RV Sales have no liability whatsoever. You are entering into a contract between you the buyer and the manufacturer directly, once you have entered into a contract with the manufacturer all and any correspondence is between you the buyer and the manufacturer.

You will need to sign and date a copy of this agreement (TOS) with a valid ID on the day of the meeting before being introduced to any manufacturer.


All finance arrangements are left up to you the buyer to organize.

If you require finance please see our relevant link pages


It is your responsibility to know what you require from a product or service and seek independent professional advice if unsure, as we cannot guarantee that it may meet your needs or be suitable for your specific requirements.

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We don't necessarily represent the caravan manufactures above!

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